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Community and Education for Backyard and Small-Scale Beekeepers

About The Bee Community

We believe in a kinder, gentler approach to beekeeping and the ability of small-scale beekeepers to adopt and innovate best management practices rooted in honeybee biology and behaviour.

The Bee Community supports small-scale and backyard beekeepers with classes and networking opportunities to manage honeybees using techniques that align with nature.

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We offer a variety of free resources, community, and events, along with paid beekeeping courses and groups to support your beekeeping journey:

Beekeeping Certificate Course Bundle (Bee Courses 1 - 4)

Why You Should Join The Bee Community

  • Learn about honeybee biology and behaviour.
  • Learn about keeping bees in your backyard.
  • Earn a Beekeeping Certificate to keep bees in your community.
  • Find resources and connect with like-minded beekeepers.
  • Join a supportive beekeeping community that elevates its members through resource and knowledge sharing.

I really love the comparison from the Bees in the Wild and the managed hives. It explains so much and makes me appreciate the bees even more. Dustin is a very good instructor, explains it very well. Thank you very much. I enjoy learning all of this.

- Susi Baumann, BeeComm Member

Our Guiding Values

We understand that beekeeping is an ongoing learning experience and that the amount of (often conflicting) information and advice is overwhelming. That's why we emphasize honeybees' biology and natural behaviour - nobody knows how to keep bees better than bees.
  • Honeybee health over honey production.
  • Managing colonies using techniques that align with honeybee biology and behaviour.
  • Supporting experimentation and innovation within the small-scale beekeeping community.
  • Adopting an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to disease through monitoring, prevention, and treatment.
  • Applying cultural controls of pests and diseases over synthetic treatment options whenever possible.
  • Honouring and building up locally adapted honeybee genetics.
  • Building a supportive beekeeping community that elevates its members by sharing resources and knowledge.

Who's Behind The Bee Community?

Dustin Bajer created The Bee Community to bring together conscientious small-scale beekeepers. Dustin is a science educator, master gardener, and urban beekeeper living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Dustin has been around honeybees for most of his life and started managing his colonies ten years ago. Dustin approaches beekeeping through an ecological and scientific lens - adopting practices and hive designs that align with bees. Dustin has taught hundreds of children and adults beekeeping through in-person, online, and hands-on beekeeping courses.